Managing Partner


Strong foothold in strategy, finance and investments, Per has worked with organisations ranging from The UN to large-cap listed companies, SMEs & start-ups, across most sectors but always focused on strategy and financing change.

Per Stahl

Per is an experienced advisor to international business and investors, having led private equity and direct investment initiatives across a range of sectors in both Europe and North America, primarily in the role of chief investment officer, or as principal consultant. He has worked for and been an advisor to organisations ranging from large cap listed companies, SME’s, family offices and start-up businesses.

Per has considerable experience as a strategic advisor to business, in particular those in the renewable energy and green-technology sectors. It is Per’s knowledge and experience in the area of Sustainability that led to him being appointed to the UN Expert Group on resilient infrastructure, and as Chief Investment Officer of a large global Impact Investment manager.

He is a keen competitive sailor, avid off-piste downhill skier, as well as an aspirational amateur cook.

  • Harvard Business School 
  • Magee Law School - University of Ulster
  • Johnson & Wales University

The only person who likes change is a baby with a wet diaper.

Mark Twain